About Talentscout360


Talentscout360 will be the platform of choice used by talented young sportsmen and women to CONNECT with TOP HIGH SCHOOLS and ACCREDITED TALENT SCOUTS.


Talentscout360 will provide talented young boys and girls the opportunity to upload their personal profile to a secure website linked to TOP HIGH SCHOOLS and ACCREDITED TALENT SCOUTS. Registered schools and scouts will in return have access to the Talentscout360 database and can use the information to identify and connect with individuals. 

Talentscout360 will also provide a MENTORSHIP PROGRAM guiding young sportsmen and women through all the stages of their development.

How does it work?


  • Complete the registration procedure, and pay a yearly membership fee.
  • Once the registration has been accepted, access will be given to your unique profile page.
  • The upload profile page includes a questionnaire and will provide opportunity to upload a short promotional video, stats, and photos.
  • "The Player" will only have access to his own profile and will not be able to access any other profile on the Talentscout360 database.
  • Accredited High Schools and talent scouts will have access to all profiles uploaded, BUT will not have access to your contact details, nor will they be able to change information on a profile.
  • If they wan to make contact with a specific player, they will do so through Talentscout360.



  • Schools and scouts will have to register and obtain a valid scout account.
  • This is done by completing an application form
  • The approved account will allow the schools and scouts access to the uploaded profiles.
  • Neither the school, nor the scout will have access to the player's contact details. This will be given to the school or scout, upon request.
  • The school, or scout, can then set up a meeting with the player and his/her parents.




  • Talentscout360 will host your profile on our database and restrict access to schools and talent scouts. 
  • We will provide members the opportunity to update their profile any time and ensure that the information seen by the schools and scouts are up to date.
  • Talentscout360 will connect interested schools and scouts with the players they like.
  • Talentscout360 will provide members the opportunity to engage with mentors in order for them to develop their personal profile.


  • Talentscout360  is not an agency
  • We provide a link between talented sportsmen /women and accredited schools / talents scouts.
  • We cannot guarantee placement, but can provide opportunity through our mentorship program for the player to develop the quality of their profile.
  • We reserve the right to remove a profile if false information is uploaded.